Take a Photo.


I’m quite behind with my posts so here is just a short post about Week 4 in regards to images.

I think Flickr could be quite useful seeing as how technology plays such a major part in our lives and education, this is a good site to upload photos and share to others.

It could be used by students to update their friends and the teacher on what they get up to over the weekend or during the holidays which could act as a catalyst for discussion in the classroom. It could also be a good resource for the teacher to post up pictures of useful things in the classroom or activities that the kids have done to class and the photos could be used on the school website or blog.

Another thing that is good to teach students is about editing the photos they take. It allows them to be more creative and use different ways of highlighting or explaining the key parts in the photo. It may also be a good way  to encourage them to take their own photos so they can edit it through adding text or stickers or highlighting certain areas.

In teaching, we don’t just have to teach them through just texts, images can be a great way for the students to learn. As well as learning skills they may potentially use in the future due to the increase in technology. Even just by putting a few photos together, you can make a collage of similar things or photos from a certain event such as the one below which includes the school that I did placement at as well as some of the easter goodies that I received as well. This can change the way we view photos. Instead of just going through photo after photo, we can put them together in a creative way that also groups them.

Here’s a link to a blog post giving a run through of how you can use Flickr. It includes how to upload photos, how to create sets as well as creating,viewing and searching for groups. It was a bit difficult to find good Flickr tutorials as apparently Flickr went through an update therefore some of the videos are outdated and the information they give are not relevant or difficult to follow. The blog post below was written after the update therefore it is easy to follow as the pictures are representative of what Flickr looks like now.


Also, if you haven’t signed up for Flickr, just head to this link https://www.flickr.com/. It’s easy, just sign up and you can start uploading photos. You can even link your Flickr feed with your Edublog and people can get a preview of some of the photos that you’ve uploaded to Flickr.

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